Obama riding a tiger

I overheard some sort of TV news pundit (I think it was David Gregory) using the expression “Obama is riding a tiger,” meaning he’s in a precarious or risky situation. I’m not sure what the situation was that is so dangerous, but I’ll assume it has something to do with Iran. Regardless, I thought that was a hilarious image, so I made it. This is for you, dear readers!

obama on a tiger

Finally, a decent Obama anthem!

I was beginning to get annoyed about the fact that there was no good Obama song emerging from the citizens of this country, famous or not. I was worried that the best we had to offer as a nation was Obama Girl and that crappy will.i.am song.

I mean, Trey Parker and Matt Stone managed to pull a whole episode out of their ass the day after Obama won the election–and how many goddamn musicians do we have in this crazy country? Nobody could get it together and write a song about something everyone cared about?

Well, nobody in our country could, but that doesn’t mean other countries aren’t having a go. And that’s why I’m pleased to announce that the contest is over, and a winner has been chosen. The official song of the Obama presidency has been written, and like every other hard job in this country, it took a Mexican to do it right. A group of Mexicans, in fact. I present to you, my loyal readers…

Viva Obama, by Mariachi Aguilas de Mexico

Que bueno!

Obama wins — Kucinich for VP!

Now that Barack Obama has all but secured the nomination blah blah blah, the only question that remains is, will he man up and pick someone who’s actually cool for his running mate?  I say Dennis Kucinich would be the perfect choice (except that it would make Obama a potential laughingstock).  Otherwise I don’t know…Al Gore?  Ugh, whatever.  I’m just glad it’s over.

And to all those Hillary supporters who now want to vote for McCain out of spite — for shame!  Don’t come whining to the rest of us when you have to get a back alley abortion.