One of the Zula Patrol cartoon aliens talks like SNL’s Brian Fellow


I had never seen this Zula Patrol show until I was flipping through channels during Mike and Juliet today. It’s a 3D children’s cartoon show starring a bunch of aliens who float around learning about science and stuff, and I suppose it would be good for kids to watch, although I found it kinda dull.

But before I switched away, I noticed that the three-eyed goofy know-it-all character, whose name is Multo, talks an awful lot like Brian Fellow from Saturday Night Live. Here’s a picture (and a clip) to refresh your memory.

Brian Fellows

That misinformed nature show host, as hilariously portrayed by Tracy Morgan, was always a pretty funny character, and he had a very distinctive way of talking. This Multo also happened to be discussing fish and other animals when I was watching, so that made it all the more appropriate. He actually sounds more like a bizarre mixture of Ed Wynn, Frank Nelson, and Woody Allen, but that’s beside the point.

See for yourself…you can check out one of the episodes here! The intro to this one is also pretty funny.

A reality TV show idea…Mark Burnett, I await your calls

As a former film student, I see a lot of potential in competitive filmmaking as a reality TV subject. I know Project Greenlight made some waves at the beginning of this whole reality era, but my idea is much better.

Here’s what I envision: ten or twelve aspiring filmmakers are put into teams, a la The Apprentice, and given tasks that they have to complete together. They rotate positions (director, editor, writer, cinematographer, etc.) and the tasks would vary. They could make a TV commercial, a music video, a silent film, a musical, whatever. They would all be short, of course, so that at the end of the episode we’d have time to watch each team’s film in its entirety.

Then of course one person gets voted out each week, until it’s down to one person against another. Then they each make an open subject short, perhaps, and the best person wins the chance to screen their short at a film festival. They’d also probably get meetings with movie executives and so forth, perhaps a grant to make a film, or some expensive equipment (an Avid editing setup, maybe?).

Just think of the drama! Film shoots are stressful and something always goes wrong. From casting decisions to editing decisions, there are always disagreements. Personalities clash, crews pull all-nighters and go half-crazy…what more could you ask for?

I await your offers, TV land.

10 Things I Hate About You…the TV show?

I loved the original 10 Things I Hate About You, which wasn’t all that original considering it was based on The Taming of the Shrew, which also inspired Kiss Me Kate. But a solid performance from a young Heath Ledger made this an above-average dumb teen flick, and costars Julia Stiles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Larisa Oleynik (a.k.a. Alex Mack) didn’t hurt either.

Then yesterday I was flipping through an Alloy catalog (I like cheap clothes) when I came across an ad for what appeared to be the same film, but I realized with horror it was actually an ad for a new ABC Family comedy series based on said film! This remake can only spell trouble. Okay, so Ethan Peck (who is filling Ledger’s shoes in the remake) is apparently Gregory Peck’s grandson, and he has that whole brooding look about him, although he kind of looks like Dan from Gossip Girl, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. But it’s pretty hard to compete with a dead guy who everyone still respects greatly.

You can compare the two casts below:


10 things i hate about you


10ThingsCast_Group abc family

Short List: Laura’s Top 10 Guilty Pleasure TV Shows


10. The Ghost Whisperer – Sure, it’s overwrought and the dialogue is sometimes painful, but this show can be fun to watch from time to time. Why’d they have to kill her husband, though? Oh right, it’s a show about ghosts.

9. Cribs reruns – Late at night on ABC, an episode of Cribs comes on at an odd time, like ten minutes after the hour. But it’s worth tuning in if you’re up at that ungodly hour like me, because you get to see what’s in famous people’s refrigerators. And for some reason that never gets old.

8. Hole in the Wall – In this fine Japanese import, no matter how hard the contestants try, they all suffer humiliating failure, and it slowly dawns on them that they’re not meant to succeed. Now, that’s entertainment.

7. Just Shoot Me reruns – Thanks to TBS, this show airs for an hour every weekday, and I’m glad. It’s way the hellĀ  better than everything else TBS shows in the afternoon, meaning King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Yes Dear (i.e. the trifecta of evil).

6. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives – I love pretty much everything on the Food Network, but this show is pure food porn, and it’s awesome.

5. 1000 Ways to Die – I don’t know if SpikeTV is still making episodes of this, because I stopped getting the channel, but it was definitely awesome. I would have included MANswers as well, but I don’t really feel guilty about watching that.

4. DeGrassi: The Next Generation – High school melodrama with Canadian accents…who could ask for more?

3. Wife Swap – When will those right wing conservative Christians and New Age pagans learn to get along? And how come every kid on this show is home schooled? If it’s because of scheduling, just film during summer break.

2. Dr. Phil – Even though it could be seen as exploitative, I can never look away, especially if it’s a “Dr. Phil House” episode.

1. COPS – When it comes to guilty pleasure TV, COPS is the original and still the best. Crackies and humorless authority figures…they make the best kind of odd couple.

Zack Morris returns! SBTB fans rejoice!

Prepare for a nineties flashback, because this clip of Mark-Paul Gosselaar on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon nearly induced me to run out into the streets searching for skorts and slap bracelets. I loved Saved by the Bell, and even had a poster of the cast hanging on my ceiling for several years. That’s when it was popular to hang stuff from your ceiling and put glow in the dark stars up there. That was before mothers realized that the dried up goo from the stars never comes off no matter how hard you try.

In this clip, Mark brings us up to speed with Zack Morris’ life and times, and even does a little performance of “Friends Forever” by Zack Attack, and it makes me wish Saved by the Bell was still on the air, or at least syndicated during the day on the limited channels I have. He also confirms that he and Elizabeth Berkley are in for a SBTB reunion! I don’t know if that means a filmed reunion or just awkwardly appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show, but either way I’m game.

Anyway, here’s the clip!

Previously on Lost on!


I have previously written about Previously on Lost, the awesomest TV-related band ever, but this time you really must sit up and pay attention, because they got some major mainstream coverage! On’s Lost page, the main video right now is a short “Lost: Untangled” piece for the season finale. And at about the one minute mark, POL makes their debut with a musical recap that you must see to appreciate.

Watch it, dammit!

Was that a Ryan Seacrest gay joke on “Here Come the Newlyweds”?

Now, I am not a fan of the new ABC reality show Here Come the Newlyweds by any means. It’s just a lame amped up version of The Newlywed Game, and the overall tone is kind of pain-inducing. But on tonight’s episode, I was surpised to hear some rather ribald humor coming from the host, Pat Bullard. This included a rather offensive gay joke about Ryan Seacrest. I’m surprised that such a mainstream, family-oriented show would go there. During a game of “identify your husband’s ass out of all the men’s asses in the group,” the host was heard to utter the following:

“This is like a bachelor party at Ryan Seacrest’s house.”

Whoa! Oh no they didn’t! Anyway.

I preferred a comment that came a few moments later: “Here’s our final set of…ass.”