10 Awesome Breakup Songs

When I go through a breakup, I tend to alternate between wanting to listen to depressing-ass tear-jerker songs and inspiring singlehood anthems. Since you never know where the rollercoaster of relationship withdrawal will take you, I’ve included five of each, with links to YouTube videos.

For When You’re Still Sad and Not Ready to Let Them Go

1. Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

2. Sunday Sun (Beck)

3. Hey (Pixies)

4. Martha (Tom Waits)

5. One More Hour (Sleater-Kinney)

For When You’re Over It and Remembering How Awesome Being Single Is

6. Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart (Alicia Keys)

7. I’m Looking Through You (The Beatles)

8. Defying Gravity (Wicked)

9. 99 Problems (Jay-Z)

10. Make Your Own Kind of Music (Mama Cass)