Music writing: Field Music, Fanfarlo, Lee & Willbee, In One Wind, and Insound

Field Music’s Field Music (Measure). Vocal harmonies, prog, metal, psychedelia. A bit of everything rooted in classic rock.

Fanfarlo’s Reservoir. Catchy indie pop peppered with lots of fun, random instruments.

Lee & Willbee’s North Carolina. Electronic meet acoustic folk.

Insound. Awesome online store for records and so much more.

In One Wind’s In One Wind. Folk that experiments with jazz, vocals, and rhythm.

Liz and Laura’s Finite Playlist: What We’re Listening to Right Now

record_ 046

As always, just because we list an album, doesn’t mean we necessarily endorse it. This list is simply a reflection of what happens to be on our download lists at the moment. With that said, here’s what we’re listening to right now.


Liz drinking

1. Beach House – Teen Dream

2. Owen Pallett – Heartland

3. Juana Molina — Segundo

4. St. Vincent – Actor

5. Quiet Loudly – Soulgazer


Laura Record Background

1. Sade – Soldier of Love

2. Weezer – Raditude

3. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

4. True Blood – Original TV Soundtrack

5. Glee – Original TV Soundtrack