European Vacation’s Rusty is Blake Lively’s brother?

european vacation

So I had a dream last night that for some reason involved the son, Rusty aka Russ, from National Lampoon’s European Vacation. I don’t ask for these weird celebrity dreams. And so I looked up a picture of him and in the process took a glance at his biography. It turns out his name is Jason Lively and he’s actually the brother of Gossip Girl star Blake Lively! Weird!

First of all, their age difference is remarkable. Here’s a picture of Jason now.

jason lively

And here’s a picture of his ever-so-famous sister as she looks now.


I don’t really see a resemblance, but I’ll take their word that they’re related. The sad thing is that the last project Jason Lively worked on was a video game called Return to Zork in 1993. He wasn’t a bad actor! I truly believed that he hated wearing those berets. Oh well, I guess now we have Rupert Grint to fill the need for ginger actors with goofy looks. But couldn’t he at least get a guest role on GG as Serena’s long lost older brother? They could take an ill-planned vacation together!

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