The new horror flick “Orphan” sounds just like “The Good Son”


I know I’ve been writing a lot of “___ is a ripoff of ___” articles, but sometimes it’s warranted. Take, for example, the new cheesy-looking horror movie Orphan, which is about a creepy kid going to live with a family and then terrorizing them and others, because they’re evvviiiiillll. Doesn’t this sound like something you’ve seen before? Well, since you’ve already read the title of this post (probably), you know I think it sounds exactly like The Good Son (trailer here).

That fine Macauley Culkin B-movie classic also involved car-related action sequences, the whole “Bad Seed” two-dimensionality of the main character, and a frantic mother whose feelings of protectiveness and maternal instincts towards the adopted child vanish as soon as there’s something wrong with him. It brings up some rather unsettling thoughts, such as, are parents more likely to reject and turn away from a child when they’re not their natural born spawn? AI: Artificial Intelligence tackled some of these same issues, but much more eloquently.

Additionally, I don’t like the fact that this new remake seems to be telling us to beware of adoption. As if orphans don’t have it bad enough, now this movie makes them seem demonic.

I just remember this sad talk show appearance by a family with half adopted and half natural children, and before the adopted kids were even like 5 years old, the parents were already diagnosing them with all these disorders and problems, like “we think John is mildly autistic and Eric has ADD with some hyperactivity,” and blah blah, but oddly they seemed to think their natural-born children were just fine. It was like they were looking for problems with the adoptive kids. Maybe I’m wrong and the kids actually did have problems, but I just didn’t like the parents’ whole attitude of suspicion surrounding kids that didn’t share their DNA.

Well, I’ll probably still watch Orphan when I’m bored one day. But that’s purely because cheesy horror movies are awesome.

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