Review: Sex Drive

I try to watch every stupid comedy as soon as I become aware of it, which can result in some very disappointing cinematic experiences (Confessions of a Shopaholic, 27 Dresses), and occasionally something enjoyable (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle).

Sex Drive falls squarely between good and bad. It’s basically Road Trip meets American Pie with a bit of Superbad thrown into the mix, and the unrated version that I watched was certainly not afraid to layer on the gratuitous nudity, which recalls a bit of Beerfest and, of course, Troma. The film, by writer/director Sean Anders, follows a young man named Ian (Josh Zuckerman), a high school senior who is still regrettably a virgin. His buddy Lance (Clark Duke) is supposed to be some kind of Lothario, which I don’t understand since he looks kind of like Cynthia Nixon’s girlfriend. Ian has an obvious love interest, his coworker at Cinnabon or something, whose name is Felicia (Amanda Crew). She looks a little bit like Kat Dennings in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which means you know they’re going to have a cute budding indie relationship at some point in the film.

But things are complicated by the fact that Ian is having an online relationship with some stereotypical hot chick, and of course she thinks he’s a tall bronzed god. He and Lance decide to go on a spontaneous road trip to meet this girl in the south somewhere, and of course wacky adventures ensue. They steal/borrow a sweet set of wheels from Ian’s older brother Rex (James Marsden), a huge jock who’s a little too homophobic, and of course he decides to chase after them and kick their asses, complicating the situation further. Along the way they meet a wacky Amish guy, Ezekiel  (Seth Green), and the moviegoing public is treated to a lesson about Rumspringa.

Seth Green and James Marsden were a pleasant surprise in this film, stealing every scene they were in. The lead actors weren’t too bad either, which is a nice change from movies like College and The House Bunny. In fact, besides the fact that this is a sophomoric teen comedy with way too many fart sound effects (probably just in the unrated version, to be fair), I have to say that the movie wasn’t all that bad. It’s not on par with larger-budget comedies like Road Trip in terms of scope or production value, but for a dumb comedy to put on when you’ve been putting away cheap beer all night, I give it a mild recommendation!

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