The 10 Sexiest Men on TV

This one’s for anyone who loves a sweet, chewy piece of man candy. Leave a comment and submit your vote for hottest man on TV, whether or not I listed it.

10. Sexy Hugh Laurie (House) – Dr. House can examine me anytime.

Sexy Hugh Laurie NRF

9. Romany Malco (Weeds) – This picture couldn’t get any hotter, unless he was also baking a Totino’s Party Pizza.

WEEDS (Season 3)

8. Justin Kirk (Weeds) – Even if he’s missing toes, Andy is still one hot pothead.

justin_kirk NRF

7. Kal Penn (House) – Now and forever, Kal Penn is a sexy piece.

kal penn from desiclub

6. Taye Diggs (Private Practice/Grey’s Anatomy) – Taye Diggs is totally hot, and he does the singing and dancing thing, which is always a bonus. But the fact that he was in “Rent” will forever give him Liz and Laura cred, so that seals it.


5. Henry Ian Cusick (Lost) – He’s my constant, in that every time I get tired of “Lost,” a Penny-and-Desmond episode gets me interested again. Go Des and Pen!

Henry-Ian-Cusick Desmond

4. Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) – Oh that devilish Chuck Bass! He’s definitely the sexiest part of Gossip Girl. Some prefer Chace Crawford, but I’m not into that whole perfect-Zac-Efron-looks thing so much. It’s all about the brooding bad boy–he’s like Shane in the L Word, if she were a dude.


3. Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies) – Even if he’s dating a dead chick, which is kind of creepy, this guy is pretty hot. He looked even sexier in “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” (see photo below).

Lee Pace

2. Josh Holloway (Lost) – Being stranded on a desert island wouldn’t be so bad with Sawyer and/or James LeFleur around. Especially if he wore his glasses.


1. Michael C. Hall (Dexter) – I never thought I’d see a sexier serial killer than Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho.” Then Dexter Morgan came along to redefine the antihero. The perfect villain with a heart of gold (well, that or no heart at all).

dexter caution tie

6 thoughts on “The 10 Sexiest Men on TV

  1. And I guess that Jon Hamm is pretty hot. I liked him on 30 Rock, anyway. Alas, I have no cable, so I can’t confirm that he’s hot on Mad Men, but from what I’ve heard, he is.

  2. lee pace is sooo hot! i first saw him in ‘pushing Daisies’ and practically fell in love! i think hes brillient in ‘The Fall’ as well but i havnt seen “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” i will definatly try to see that cos that pic looks hot!:D

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