Fleet Foxes

The Fleet Foxes sure are popular. It can be descried as nothing short of amazing to watch the group go from a humble performance at Union Hall to a shoulder-to-shoulder squish-fest at Webster Hall but a few months later. Humility is key with these guys as throughout their quick ascent to music-world recognition they’ve retained the ultimate laid back, “I only shower sometimes” personas. When singer guitarist Robin Pecknold took the stage he appeared rumpled, sheepish, and in awe of the crowd gaping before him, but as soon as he began to sing his penetrating voice made him seem the most experienced of performers. Indeed, four of the group’s five members are miced during their shows in order to deliver those splendid harmonies found on debut Fleet Foxes and the Sun Giant EP. Each vocal part distinctly clear and displaying a fine talent, opening with “Sun Giant/Sun Rises” set a tone of awesomeness and assured the albums’ many layers would be reproduced live.

The Foxes certainly did justice to their songs performance-wise, but oh the things their banter did for their likeability. Perhaps a bit awkwardly and without thought as to the flow of the set, the boys rattled back and forth as if it were a Saturday night on their back porch. This was all nothing short of endearing as they shared stories of the road and answered audience heckles directly with pleasant wit. The funniest line came when Robin was asked “what did you do today?” to which he replied “I went to your Williamsburg.” As flannel shirts and hideous winter sweaters fly off the thrift store shelves, it’s interesting to consider what a member of our country’s fabled Northwest thinks of his one day on Bedford St. But more importantly, the music was in top form as they played most of the songs off their album and EP, along with a lovely new number “Silver City” and an unplugged version of “Katie Cruel” by Robin solo. I really do wonder where they’ll play the next time they make it to our town.

Photos by Colin Colfer

Review of their Bowery Ballroom show

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