Big Bang TV

Brooklyn’s Big Bang TV are an engaging bunch not simply thanks to the usual attention-grabbers, say, tunes that get the head bobbing or a set of musicians clearly delighted to be playing. This gang certainly succeeds in those tasks, but the real kicker is the refreshing uniqueness in their utilization of disparate musical elements to form a pleasing whole. Matt Brehony plays a skillful guitar part as his versatile voice booms through moments of quirky narration or smoldering singer/songwriter expression. He’s often accompanied vocally by Andrea Hendrickson, who plays a sharp keyboard as she dips between soft alto and an almost operatic trill. A wining pair to be sure, their indie rock leanings are brought to an entirely new place by bass/turntable/laptop/everythingist Scott Neagle’s myriad contributions. His parts had him frantically switching instruments any number of times per song, bringing a combination Radiohead/Hot Chip factor to the tunes without overpowering his cohorts. Joseph Sinopoli rounds it all out by using an electronic drum pad in addition to his regular acoustic kit, and in the end these many competing sounds make for tracks that are just loaded.

Pleasing melody is always present in BBTV’s songs, while the bonus elements dancing in and around it lend idiosyncrasy to form, as do the many changes in tempo and phrasing. On this evening they played the four tracks off their Send/Receive EP and a healthy handful of additional songs, some of which gave more focus to Hendrickson’s vocal talents. Her commanding lead among zippy electronics and quick guitar make for tunes that are convincingly serious and playful at the same time. A standout oldie was the lovely “Gladys” that slowly builds upon a quite tuneful phrase until it buzzes with fullness and emotion. “Send/Receive” is equally engaging though much more of a rocker with its dancing, teasing guitar and horror film franticness. These guys truly embody the idea of “something for everyone” as they mash their widely varying skills into downright catchy songs. And hey, if you’re not convinced yet, let me point out that their T-shirts feature Michael Keaton of motion picture fame. Who doesn’t like the guy from Multiplicity?

Photos by Colin Colfer

One thought on “Big Bang TV

  1. Terrific to see a fine young Maine boy showing those city slickers how to make music. Great job, Scott. P.S. Not your Dad.

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