Janet from Swingtown’s surprising early role…


As I’ve previously mentioned, I am a fan of CBS’ Swingtown, and now that I’m learning more about the actors in the show, I like it even more!  For one thing, the main husband is the British in-charge guy (Commodore Norrington I think) in Pirates of the Caribbean, and the girl who plays Trina was totally in Lost.

But this takes the cake!  Miriam Shor, aka Janet the morally-upright neighbor, has starred in not one but two John Cameron Mitchell films, Shortbus (in a minor role) and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  And if you’ve seen Hedwig, you’ll be as shocked as I was that Janet played the important role of Yitzhak, the drag king who rocked out with (and occasionally got busy with) Hedwig! (see picture below)


What a transformation!  I tip my hat to this woman.

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