L Word fans — is Niki supposed to be Lindsay Lohan?


(Spoilers included, obviously)

So am I the only one who thinks the starlet character Niki (above right) is supposed to be Lindsay Lohan, or is this just obvious and I’m the last person to figure it out?  Regardless, look at the evidence: Lindsay herself went from a raven-haired lady lover (or two, depending on how many of the rumors you believe) to the semi-butch Samantha Ronson around the time this season was being written, not to mention the fact that Lindsay also hasn’t come out of the closet and probably had some ‘get a beard boyfriend’ conversations with the movie studios.  Similarly, Niki went from the dark-haired and feminine Jenny (above left) to the semi-butch Shane.  If the writers don’t make use of this similarity (i.e. put Shane in a fedora for as long as this ill-conceived romantic pairing lasts), I’ll be very disappointed.  Plus, Katherine Moennig can totally rock a fedora.

Shane with hat



13 thoughts on “L Word fans — is Niki supposed to be Lindsay Lohan?

  1. I don’t think your the last person to figure it out but yes I believe that it is based on her, due to the following reasons.Angela Robinson directed Lohan in Herbie: Fully Loaded in 2004 and also directed many Niki episodes. As Niki’s agents are trying to do, it seems obvious now that on discovering that Lindsay is a lesbian her agents/PR people were like: Ok, how we gonna keep this covered for 10 years? (at the very least considering she was 18)Here’s what we’ll do: hyper-heterosexualize her image, that way if gay rumours ever start no one will believe it coz she ‘loves’ boys and penis so much. Also, it’s worth noting a pattern last year, Samantha and Lindsay were outed in April, rumours intensified in May, in June her ex-bodyguard came out and said she is a wild cocaine addict who likes girls, and her PR made the story ver dark: Lindsay’s lesbianism is bad and the dark crazy side of her. In December gay rumours surround her once again, in late December her ‘ex-boyfriend’ (a so-obviously set-up beard from rehab)tells the media what a ‘nympho’ she is and how shes so good in bed. In January gay rumours still surround her and Courtenay, she goes to Italy is photographed humping a 30-something yr old guy on a couch (see look what a crazy nympho she is – PR shot) and is photographed with two other men (one of them 40 yrs old) the assumption is that she slept with all of them. Then a few days later, one of her ‘lovers’ spills the beans about how good she is in bed etc. It’s all just PR setup – an extreme one – see Lindsay likes boys not girls. Also, after Lindsay admitted to having been with Sam for ‘a very long time’ her rep makes herself look like a complete idiot by saying ‘No No No they’re just FRIENDS. She admitted to them being very good friends thats all’. It was on the radio idiot lol. Smart move by Lindsay though – if she had done it in a magazine it would have been easier for her PR to do damage control – the reporter twisted her words blah blah blah – her PR denying it just maked her PR look like an idiot. Also, she seems to be dressing quite gay lately – wearing a lot of flannel and she seems very comfortable in it. I would go nuts too if I was being pushed in the closet so forcefully and my dad was as homophobic as Michael Lohan. What else is there to do when you wanna be out but your PR wanna keep you there other than to act out – play up as Niki is in the L Word (also Niki comes to set late one day, Lindsay got a infamous letter for coming late to set on one of her films). It’s sad the level it got to with her drug addiction, alcohol abuse and cutting her wrists as a cry for help. Actors are only gonna be allowed out of Hollywoods old musty closet if an actor decides to take the risk and turns their back on PR and comes out. PR and agents are scared – to them it will never be the right time. An actor needs to dare to be the guinea pig – and maybe just maybe (who would have thought)a 22 yr old might volunteer to go first.

  2. Hi, sorry it’s Anna again. Just thought I’d post a picture which pretty much screams that yup Niki is Lindsay, and an interesting parallel from a blogger regarding Lohan’s coming out and her PR’s reaction and Niki’s agents and the Oil Wrestling thing.


    From May 2008:
    By the 2nd episode with Niki (the pot party), I figured Niki was based on Lohan (without the temper). The heavy partying 20 year old actress who is out among her close friends, makes passionate forever love declarations to – and falls in love with, older women. Has an oppressive management that beards her, is referred to as a Maxim girl (Lohan topped last years hottest list), wants to be considered a serious actress, etc. yells Lohan. Well Lohan is 21 but close enough. Throw in Angela Robinson, who worked with Lohan on Herbie, seeming like the major mover behind this character and just the look (clothes, hairstyle, aviator sunglasses). Maybe still coincidence but darn it just seems too dead on.
    Now with the scenario over the last week, it is getting plain weird with the coincidence. Niki’s Turkish Oil wrestling is replaced by Lindsay’s yacht adventures. It appears Lohan’s publicist is freaking out just as the agent did on The L Word. Next thing you know Lohan and Ronson have to have people between them or walk 10 feet from each other again. No more lovey-dovey. The cool thing is nobody seems to be buying it anymore that Lohan and Ronson are just BFF’s. I think The L Word may have a small part in that. While many of us are aware of the machinations by publicists and agents (the scourge of Hollywood lesbian romantic happiness-sorry to any up and coming agents) and were also aware of the long whispered rumors of Lindsay’s love of the ladies, a lot of the eyerolling thrown at the denials may have a basis in The L Word. They nailed that plotline and now to see it being played out (and with the actress who the character is based on) is truly amazing and just plain startling.

  3. Oh man, I wanted to re-comment on this too, but you beat me to it. Did you see the second episode of this season, with the funny intro where Niki freaks out and takes that girl out of her five, before declaring she wants to kill Jenny? First of all, it is reminiscent of the vitriolic spats Lindsay and Sam supposedly have all the time (my favorite is the one in the hallway of the hotel, i.e. “The source said at one point HoHan dropped to her knees and shouted “Why are you doing this to me?” SamRo responded, “I don’t know you.””). And the way she’s talking about how she’s so much more successful than Jenny and such. And then at some point she actually talks about how Britney and Paris stabbed her in the back. Who else could it be?

    At this point I think the show has dropped the subtlety about it, but it’s pretty cool that they were writing and filming this plotline before most people considered Lindsay officially “out.” Did you read the Harper’s Bazaar interview with Lindsay? She’s so straightforward about it (more or less) these days–it’s kinda unreal. But awesome! I hope her and Sam’s relationship isn’t as crappy as people let on.

  4. Hi again Laura. Yeah with the recent developments I just had to post again :p Yeah I saw the Paris and Britney reference too when she had her freak out after she woke up at the Chateau Marmont(another Lohan hint..where Lohan lived for over a year)she seemed kinda…high. Also, I was re-watching episode 506 where Niki ‘accidently leaves her mic on’ lol and I immediately thought of Lindsay and Sam because when Jenny comes to see what’s wrong Niki’s like ‘We hooked up the other night and now you’re just treating me like some random actress like you don’t even know me’ basically complaining that Jenny isn’t giving her enough attention and with the number of stories of Lindsay freaking out when other girls are around Sam and wanting Sam’s attention even when Sam is working it’s so weird to think that it was filmed in like what..April/June 2007. I so wonder if, during the filming of Season 6 (May 08-Sept08)they were watching Lindsay’s coming out. Cause Niki seems to be based on a younger, easily influenced by her people type Lindsay when she was at conflict with herself and her career, her heart and love and her job. Angela Robinson would be so proud of her I bet. I did read the Bazaar interview yeah. You know, I think that Lohan may fully come out as a lesbian this year and the reason I think so is because if she breaks up with Sam and goes back to bearding she will be betraying herself (again), will lose all respect from the gay community (it’s not like they have shown her much support anyway unfortunately, it’s probably coz they think this is a phase and because she’s a fun-loving, feisty and rebellious lesbian and doesn’t fit the stereotypes they want her to fit) and will have her dad and the mainstream press going ‘She’s Anne Heche 2!’ or ‘We knew she’s not gay’ ‘The whole thing was fake’ Her dad: The evil (Sam) is out of her life!’ etc etc. It would be so humiliating for her. If she and Sam were to break up she will have to make a career (and life) changing decision. If I were her, I would come out while she is still with Sam so she has that support there. It would so crazy (but awesome!) if she were to be the first lesbian actress to come out. I think Lindsay coming out would mean more to me than say, Jodie Foster because she’s so much youger (24 years younger to be exact) had a bumpy road in Hollywood and has decided to ignore her management, PR team (and her mum!) and she’s just shouting ‘I’m in love with Samantha Ronson and I’m so proud of that! I love her so much!’ and I looovveee that Lindsay and Sam showing affection is so rare and I like that only because it makes it like ‘awww they kissed and that’s a big moment for them’ when they DO show affection and makes it more special unlike the hetero couples who basically have sex in front of the cameras lol by their 3 month anniversary. Also, Lindsay looks sooo hot in flannel I’ve noticed and she wears it like every 2nd day now…how gay :P Niki’s gold dress when Jenny revenge fucks her in 601 reminded me of Lohan’s gold dress from Cannes a bit. Damn, that revenge sex…that was like..you hurt me..so now I’m gonna hurt your vagina. That was not making love, having sex or fucking, that was purely revenge sex alright and it looked painful. I saw a preview for 605 (directed by Robinson, this one will be interesting)and Niki is wearing a leather jacket (another Lohan clothing staple). All they need is Niki in leggings to put the fine icing on the cake haha.

  5. Lindsay and Sam..I think they are a couple who fight passionately and love passionately. They say that Leo and Cancer (Sam Leo LL Cancer)is the biggest no-no combination of them all but maybe they can make it work. Hopefully Lindsay won’t be too needy for Sam.

  6. In response to your second to last post…

    I agree about everything you said about how she should come out now because she’s already halfway through the door, and it’ll make her next relationships easier. I mean, Sam isn’t the first woman she dated (Courtenay Semel, wasn’t that her last girlfriend?), so I doubt she’ll be the last. Two points on that:
    One, I find it heartening that TV gossip shows have finally started calling Sam her girlfriend on occasion…not just “galpal” or “friend” or “BFF” or whatever other euphemisms they can think of for girl on girl action. Certain shows still dodge around it, but a lot have accepted the relationship as legitimate.
    Two, I think it’s sad that in general, there is still such a double standard. I might have mentioned this before, but what’s up with the fact that if a male celebrity has a same sex relationship or fling or even just makes out with a guy, he’s labeled hopelessly gay. Even if it’s just rumors, like all those Scientologist guys. But when a woman has demonstrated on countless occasions that she enjoys dating women, the mainstream media will still wait until there’s, like, a signed statement and a video of them having sex before they’ll believe it. And even when people do believe it, they seem to laugh it off, like, she’ll get over it. Or worse, that’s just part of her ‘bad girl’ behavior. Yeah, because being gay is such a bad thing? Let’s face it–men (and a lot of women) assume that women could never be satisfied without a penis. Even though god knows how many women have straight sex with their husbands and never have an orgasm….hmmm.

  7. Great post. I agree. It’s cool that they are matter-of-fact about it and not beating around the bush. Interestingly, it’s the most respectable publications like the NY Times and the Sydney Morining Herald over herer who usually refer to them as girlfriends and the less reputable ones who refer to them as gal pals and other silly names. Who on earth says that? Gal Pal? It just sounds so cheesy. About the double standard, it’s so true. And I think that if she does come out as gay I think she will have to use the ‘I was in denial about my sexuality’ line because otherwise how can she ‘explain’ the bearding? It’s funny coz when a guy comes out as gay it automatically dismisses the ‘girlfriends’ in peoples minds and they just say ok they are gay but with a woman they, as you said, have to release a sex tape or something. When I watched Niki in Episode 5 the other night, it was so weird, in the scene with Shane outside the club I just kept seeing Lindsay there in my mind or something like as if her spirit was like right there it was so weird. Did you see the preview 606? Oh My Gosh! Shane and Niki hooking up (again but on a bed this time lol)with Shane in a FEDORA. Sam Ronson much? Come on, how could that be just coincidental L Word? Did you hear about Batwoman the red-headed Jewish lesbian superhero? Weird that they JUST released info about her hair colour (her sexual orientation was revealed in 2006)in Feb 09 when the most out lesbian actress in Hollywood is a redhead and dating a Jew lol. I’ve seen that some lesbians are already up in arms coz she’s a femme lesbian not a butch so it will be all about the lesbian kiss between two femmes for guys to get off on. I so hope they don’t csat 2 straight actresses for it just to fulfill the fantasy for men of 2 women making out for their sexual gratification. I mean if you think about it how many redheads are there in Hollywood? Not many. Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman, Marcia Cross, Lindsay….and? If they dye the hair I will scream cause you cannot act the inherent spunk of a redhead you just can’t.

  8. Oh wow. That is too perfect. I think Shane was wearing more of a bowler hat in the last episode, but it still looked very SamRo. I’m sad there’s only 2 episodes left!

  9. jajaja its so funny i did`nt think in this version and let me tell you,y think you are right in all,sorry my inglish i am mexican girl
    see you kisses

  10. Kate Moennig (Shane) compares Niki with Lindsey Lohan in an interview i saw, so i guess you might be right:P

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