The Best and Worst of Network Late Night


Best Overall Host: Conan O’Brien

He’s still funny, even if he’s lost a bit of his zing over the years, and I think he’ll make a fine Tonight Show host. As long as he doesn’t have to carry over any of Jay Leno’s schtick.

Worst Overall Host: Carson Daly

Just give up! Nobody watches this show!

Best Monologue: Jimmy Kimmel

Although Conan still does some good work, monologue-wise, Jimmy Kimmel is consistently more natural and, well, funnier.

Worst Monologue: Carson Daly

Pathetic. Just pathetic.

Best Banter and Improvisation: Craig Ferguson

While his show may be a bit of a late night oddity, you have to admit that he’s got the gift of gab. His roundabout style of arriving at a point is also amusing and satisfying.

Worst Banter and Improvisation: Jay Leno

That Ryan Phillippe gay joke thing solidified it. But he already sucked.

Best Sketches: Conan O’Brien

They don’t always make sense, but they usually make me laugh. Especially the “Walker: Texas Ranger” lever.

Worst Sketches: David Letterman

I understand that he’s crazy and old, but does that mean I have to watch him hurl things off his roof? I can watch my crazy Brooklyn neighbors do that for free.

Best Regular Bit: Unnecessary Bleeping (Jimmy Kimmel)

It’s amazing what a little bit of implied profanity can do.

Worst Regular Bit: Jaywalking (Jay Leno)

I get it, there are a lot of really retarded people walking around L.A.. That’s why I live in New York.

Best Sidekick or Notable Regular: Guillermo (Jimmy Kimmel)

He’s a Mexican stereotype, yes, but he seems to be okay with it.

Worst Sidekick or Notable Regular: Paul the Keyboardist (David Letterman)

I know he’s a perfectly nice guy, but he shouldn’t talk.

Honorary Mention for Effort: Spike Ferensten

This poor guy. He thinks he has a late night show. Just give him a couple more years to enjoy it.

One thought on “The Best and Worst of Network Late Night

  1. I cannot stand Paul! And I like everyone. Just the sight of him, not to mention his terrible comments, makes me want to beat puppies. And I love puppies.

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