Short List: Laura’s Top 5 TV Favorites Right Now

1. Bill Moyers’ Journal (PBS)

His guests are always interesting, well-spoken, and inspiring. Plus he’s the best journalist on TV, period.

2. Everything on C-SPAN 1 & 2 (particularly the House proceedings and the call-in shows)

Forget scripted television — Dennis Kucinich’s 5-hour resolution to impeach Bush in the House last night was the most entertaining thing on TV.  For the first couple of hours, at least.  And those call-in shows are comic gold due to the ignorant callers and the reactions of the hosts.

3. 30 Rock (NBC)

It’s only getting funnier, and highlights just how terrible all the other networks’ TV comedies are.

4. The L Word (Showtime)

Yeah, it’s cheesy as hell, but I was a fan of “Passions” for years, so this is like “War and Peace” comparatively.  And despite what anyone says, The L Word is totally a soap opera, just one with lots of lesbians and bad music.  But it’s addictive as hell, what can I say?  And I liked the “All About Eve” references in the last season.  Too bad it’s only getting renewed for like 8 more episodes.

5. South Park (Comedy Central)

I am mostly adding this to the list because, since they’ve offered the show for free online, it’s been a great go-to for instant, awesome entertainment, and I’ve gotten to catch up on the episodes I sadly miss because I don’t have cable.  And that Britney Spears episode a month or two back was really disturbing and good.

One thought on “Short List: Laura’s Top 5 TV Favorites Right Now

  1. Note: In case there was any confusion, I get some kind of basic cable with C-Span and a couple other things, but not good channels like Comedy Central.

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