Ask Liz and Laura: How can roommates resolve their decorating differences?

Ask Liz and Laura smaller

Dear Liz and Laura,

Your roommate has rejected a small photo you wished to put up on the basis that it ‘messes with his vibes’. He then proceeds to put up a 5 foot by 6 foot tapestry of Bob Marley in the Irie colors. How to proceed?


No Roommate No Cry

Dear No Roommate No Cry,

You neglected to mention what your “small photo” depicted. If it were, say, of a bloody moose head, or Cameron Diaz, that might be objectionable to anyone. But if he simply won’t let you contribute to the decoration, that just ain’t fair. You should revisit the ground rules of sharing the space and assert the fact that you want to express yourself and feel comfortable at home just like he does. As to the stoner tapestry, there’s nothing wrong with Bob Marley, but the decoration you described does sound like something out of the bargain bin at a head shop, and/or a freshman dorm room. Perhaps you could delicately suggest that your roomie move the offending article into his bedroom because it’s ruining your dating life. Nobody wants to take a hottie home from the bar and have her first impression be that of a weed-laden bachelor craphouse. If your roommate has any interest in his own dating life, he should 86 the hippie flag altogether.


Liz and Laura

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