Brooklyn’s Bombs played the Lolita Party at Glasslands to a crowd eager to dance, due in some part most likely to the free cans of Sparks that were being served. Syrupy malt-liquor energy drinks aside, those in attendance were left with little decision but to shake it as the keyboard, bass, and drums trio took the stage and delivered their propulsive set. The beat is key in their expansive rock songs that are carefully rhythmically structured while also leaving room to soar and explore. An important part of the band’s attitude is set by singer/keyboardist Josh’s professorly delivery of words that carries a tone you’d not expect from his laid-back demeanor. Lyrics are sung in an almost British swagger with a conviction that makes it easy to image a megaphone in front of his mouth, a sensation that is augmented by the slightly echoey amplification of the words on the tracks. This in tight combination with the bass and drums lends towards a march-like sound that feels like a call to action while at the same time commanding your body to move in various directions, dance-style. The band’s three members play extremely well together and their blending of talent and energy brings an important element to their overall sound.

The ecstatic audience was certainly driven to answer the demand to rock as they swayed around the crammed art space, careful not to knock into the giant crafted tree or jostle a pretty lady. The get-up-and-go feel of the music definitely influenced at least one group of pals who celebrated the drunken rapture of the moment by pouring booze into one another’s mouths from the balcony that overlooks the stage. There’s nothing like trying to dance and at the same time successfully receive a stream of warm Sparks from your buddy above, all while eager fans around you attempt to focus on the presentation and avoid the splashes. Through such hilarious audience distractions, the members of Bombs maintained the precision of their songs as the drummer mashed out the beats with a sweaty authority that kept it all together. Their rousing style and catchy sound is capable of making a room full of people move while at the same time possessing an authority backed by strong words and tight playing. Bombs’ explosions of awesomeness certainly showered the crowd with goodtimes this evening.




Photographs by Luciano Johnson

8 thoughts on “Bombs

  1. It was all over the news, I don’t know how you missed it, but there was a Sparkshower that rolled in from the Midwest. It wasn’t supposed to hit NYC until Sunday. I guess the Doppler wasn’t properly calibrated.

  2. The fact that attendees were pouring drinks into each others’ mouths is truly unsettling. And from a balcony to boot. Glasslands needs to ride this wave and install a vomitorium.

    But seriously, people who choose to feed each other need to get a fucking room.

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