Anonymous delivers a peaceful ass-whooping on Scientology, protest-style

Yesterday, on February 10th, 2008 (the birthday of Lisa McPherson), thousands of people from about 100 cities and at least 4 continents worldwide came together to protest the crimes and cult-disguised-as-a-religion deceptions of the cult of Scientology, despite the ‘nattering’ (as they would say) of humiliated church officials accusing peaceful protesters of religious hate crimes and bigotry. This of course is ridiculous, as the protesters, if anything, are doing all this to help the church members and save them from brainwashing and having all their money stolen. It’s the last gasp of a desperate cult when they fall back on the Nazi Germany card.

Many of the protest attendees were not in fact related to the hacking group known as Anonymous (which came up with and organized the protests), but were inspired by the news of the protest (which spread in the open online on countless newsgroup and social networking sites, not in some sort of secret smoke-filled hacker room). It disappoints me that so many newspapers and magazines are lumping Anonymous together with the protesters, when in fact very few people make up Anonymous compared to the number of protesters we saw yesterday. And if there’s any further doubt as to the civilian nature of many of the attendees, just take a look at the crowd. You’ll see not one, but handfuls of women. Clearly this is not the work of computer dorks alone.  The dorks that did arrive representing Anonymous at least arrived in style, wearing the Guy Fawkes masks made famous by “V for Vendetta.”  Alan Moore must be creaming his pants.

Anyway, here is a Wikinews page on which pictures and updates are being posted from protest locations around the world. The New York pictures fill my heart with pride, though I was out of town over the weekend and couldn’t attend.

Wikinews international report: “Anonymous” holds anti-Scientology protests worldwide

And here’s a news article from Australia that’s not completely biased in favor of the cult like a lot of them are…

Aussie news

5 thoughts on “Anonymous delivers a peaceful ass-whooping on Scientology, protest-style

  1. i really dislike when the popular media labels people, they should get their facts straight and maybe someday i will watch the news on tv again when they tell the truth. love your article! i wish i could of seen those guys in the masks, i get all emotional yet willing to fight. “remember, remember the fifth of november…”

  2. Thanks Omar! Yeah that was a pretty sweet movie, and a righteous protest, and I agree about the popular media. The worst is all those election results shows on TV where they divide people up, like “black men voted for Obama, hispanic women voted for Hillary, white men voted for Obama,” blah blah. I just want to punch them in the face and be like “is that all you see in people?” Same problem as the marketing stuff. I hope there’s a revolution soon!

  3. Let’s straighten facts:

    1) Anonymous is NOT a hacker group. Far from it in fact. It’s a group of bored people. There may be a couple of hackers in there, but that’s not the point. Too much FOX “News”, amirite? Double-check your sources.

    2) Anonymous is, like I just said, a group of bored people. A VERY BIG ONE, at that. I’d say that the most prominent anon sites are 4chan, 7chan, somethingawful (not strictly anon, but still) plus a few others. 4chan alone gets around 111,000 posts PER DAY. I don’t see why couldn’t most of the attendees be Anonymous. Also, it seems that most of them (as far as I’ve seen in the videos and pictures) knew the memes associated with anon, so it further proves this point.


  4. I stand corrected, though I think it’s safe to say that not everyone who posts on those boards are legitimate members. But you’re right, there are quite a lot of Anon members out there and a lot of them made it out to the protests — good for them! I’m just saying that it seems like the news is lumping everyone together to downplay the significance of the movement, and the fact that it has spread to others who don’t participate in Anonymous.

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