Consumer spending is down? Thank f-ing God!

With all the news of Americans spending less than predicted this holiday season, and everyone worrying and fretting all over the media about how the drop in consumer spending spells doom for all, I have to wonder where our priorities are. If people are spending less on wasteful holiday crap and cars and gift cards that don’t even get spent half the time, I think we should get a freaking medal!

In a country as dangerously addicted to consumption as our own, where the average person has a mortgage and about 18 credit cards to pay off (I exaggerate, but not much), spending less is exactly what we need to be doing! Shame on the media for making it seem like a bad thing. Yes, downsizing our economy is going to be awkward for a while, because if we decide we don’t need 858 different companies all making flip-flops, some of those companies are going to have to close. But it is the responsible thing to do. Nobody needs to walk into a supermarket and face an entire aisle lined with different kinds of cereal.

We can only cross our fingers now and hope that lending agencies will wise up and stop giving money to people who have no intention or means to pay it back. Without the imaginary income that credit cards allow people, maybe they’ll start to see just how much crap they buy that they don’t need, and start to (gasp!) live within their means. Imagine how much more humble and less disgusting America would be if we all did that!

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