Conan O’Brien is still a piece of ass


Damn, look at that man! Maybe if I didn’t know him as the charming comic/writer he is, I wouldn’t think this lanky, pasty Irishman was the sexiest man on the planet. But after watching years of his hilarious antics, not to mention going to see his show live and shaking his hand, after which he dropped my hand in such a way that it brushed across his crotch, yeah, he’s the sexiest man on the planet. Although he was a little paunchier in person than I would have thought.

Holla at me if you agree that Cone Bone is a sexy piece!

I should also note that in my list of the 5 Best Shows on TV Right Now, I didn’t include Conan only because I feel it goes without saying that his show rules. I would also like to amend my comment about how Tina Fey is OK by me now. You see, last night, while watching 30 Rock Season 1, I got to the episode where she has an awkward encounter with Conan, her ex. Granted, she’d made a passing mention to dating him in the past, but it’s a joke-filled show, so I took it as just another funny celebrity name punchline. But now that I’ve seen what was really going on in this fictional world, I’ve decided that Tina Fey must be destroyed.

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