The White House is covering up vital Global Warming information

This is ridiculous. The White House has censored an official report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which outlines the ways in which climate change will be impacting public health in the near future. They removed the references to specific medical conditions that will result from worldwide climate change, ranging from mental health issues to cholera.

The government would clearly prefer that we simply wait until it’s already too late to start dealing with the reality of what’s going on in the world. Again, this is ridiculous.

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White House edits CDC climate testimony

16 thoughts on “The White House is covering up vital Global Warming information

  1. I did some research last night, and I figured out what is really causing global warming, I lit a cigarette and then I put my hand near the tip of it and it was hot, from that experience I figured that it would be the hot stuff that causes stuff to get hot, hence global warming, we have a lot more hot stuff right now than we ever did before.

    Microwaves (gets really really hot)
    Nuclear Reactors (really hot)
    Cigarettes all over the place (hot)
    Stove Tops (hot)
    Car engines everywhere (really really hot)
    A Sun (extremely hot)
    Explosions (also hot)
    6 Billion people thats twice as many people from 100 years ago (more hot stuff)
    Matches (hot again)
    Bakeries and ovens (extremely hot)
    Metal Melting Factories (molten steel kind of hot, really hot)
    Computer Chips (they get hot so thats more hot stuff)
    Coffee (it can get really hot)
    Anything else you can think of that gets hot … etc …

    I stuff gets hot and then it gets cool but that heat doesnt just disappear it all flows out into the atmosphere and probably warms it up, they want to say its just the sun and carbon dioxide but thats probably not the whole story, there is just a lot more hot stuff getting hot than there ever was before so most likely it isnt just what they are saying it is, but its also just a lot more hot stuff.

    The research for this was really simple, looking at parking lot full of cars that I know have engines that get hot and stay hot for maybe an hour or so a day at least.

    Lighting a cigarette that I know gets hot enough to burn skin which is hotter than what the sun will do to me, so I know it is hot enough to be considered part of the problem.

    The observance of anything hot enough to be considered hot probably helps make other stuff hot and on and on, even rubbing our hands together creates heat that goes somewhere.

    So yeah, Im throwing in my hat on the idea that Global Warming, its caused by the hot stuff, what do you think? Convincing, yes no? hilarious, hopefully so?

  2. Another something that is hot, every day up in the air, a couple thousand airplanes are flying around every single day, and all of these planes are like really fast furnaces blowing hot air out the back end of themselves and they are doing this every single day, and when the space shuttle launches, well that is an especially hot day up in the atmosphere.

    I ask a couple people about this a week and they all say its the silliest argument they have ever heard, hot stuff making stuff hot, it never makes sense to anyone, but carbon dioxide emissions, thats what everyone tells me it is, its carbon dioxide … and not … hot stuff.

    What do you think? Hot stuff causes stuff to get hot, or no?

  3. I think you may have something here…global warming due to global, well, warming. Now, I don’t pretend to be any kind of scientist…but Liz and I both have scientist dads! I’m going to get some answers, dadgummit.

  4. This is the scene where the scientist all breaks up into the Senate running around holding up a report or something and lets everyone know that he found the answer … hot stuff makes stuff hot … a report based on the observation that hot stuff is indeed hot and that hot stuff will indeed make other stuff hot … lol … what are these people talking about … i have no idea … lol … but im stickin with hot stuff … making stuff … hot … ya digg?

  5. Here is what Amanda had to say from “The National Center for Public Policy Research” on what I wrote your friendship circle.

    “You’re not wrong. Anytime energy is converted to heat it contributes
    to the warming of the planet. The question to ask, though, is how
    great this impact is compared to other factors. I suspect it is
    beyond our current capabilities to answer that with any certainty.
    The best that could be done is develop computer models to try to
    guess, but even then, we would have no way to check the accuracy of
    the models.

    Are you familiar with the urban heat island effect? If not, you
    might want to read about it, as it has elements of your theory.
    Specifically, that more heat is generated and maintained in urban
    areas than elsewhere.”

    I looked up the Urban Heat Island Effect and apparently this is the effect that the concrete has on weather and the such when it releases heat that is stored up during the day that also affects rain and all of that, now when I put the “hot stuff causes stuff to get hot” theory into effect I wrote back that still every day a city is congested with cars with hot engines releasing heat, especially in New York City where the streets are always crammed, that is a lot of heat, probably a couple thousand times much more heat than is being released by the concrete, ever, ever, ever, ever.

    Let me know what the scientists you know say … about … Hot Stuff … Causing Stuff … To Become … Well … Hot? … couldnt be true … there is no way that an Inconvenient Truth could be upended by a guy drunk looking at a parking lot full of cars … that is just not possible.

  6. How hot does a nuclear explosion get?
    Answer: Over 10 million degrees Kelvin.

    Average Air Temperature: 300K
    Average Water Temperature: 270K

    Also, most likely the air isnt changing the temperature of the water really, however, nuclear explosions in the water, near france that are being tested, at 10 million degrees Kelvin, well, that just might, and since the hot water rises, you know it would totally go to the surface where the icebergs totally are, and after 10 million degrees of kelvin water dissipate, the heated water would spread out and might take a long ass time to cool off.

    im just saying, it might not be that difficult to figure out what is causing global warming if its going down and it wouldnt even be that difficult to spot the problems, just point to the hot shit and be like yeps thats whats doing it, even though not a damn soul would give up a car to save anyone but whatever … and the people that run the world, they are such dicks about shit, they are just going to keep setting off nukes and wondering why the place might be gettin warmer … not only are they idiots but they are assholes as well …

  7. :::A Very Convenient Truth::: Global Heating

    Hot stuff makes stuff hot, that seems fairly apparent. This is important in the conversation about global warming because this idea makes it very simple to see what is causing global warming and pinpoints not just a relative cause but every single individual cause as well.

    There are 6 billion people that exist right now, a lot of which use heat to get through their everyday life, every day. One hundred years ago there were half as many people and basically zero heating mechanisms compared to what exists today.

    We have twice as many people as 100 years ago which produce upwards of 1000x more heat than 100 years ago collectively. Yes we are having an affect, and the victims of this problem have not even been born yet.

    People worry about abortion but what about the children of the children who have not been born yet and are still going to have to live on this planet, the type of children that very well may have the technological capabilities to achieve feats we cant even imagine right now.

    We are wasting the resources of the future right now in the past and that , well that is the type of crime that affects our entire species , because there is a connection between today and tomorrow and that connection is the very earth we are standing on. Its up to you, by the time we are old enough to have the power that you have right now, it will be too late.

    It just will be. I know your global construct was destroyed by the greatest war of all time, that being world war two, I know that we will never understand what that would have been like, it is truly not what it is supposed to be right now, I understand that.

    There are so many of you, and from what I understand you have been confused your entire lives because of having been born between those that caused and fought the most wicked war since the dawn of mankind and you are just behind the generation that knows absolutely nothing about that war, honestly.

    We will never understand your place in society, we will never understand your thoughts and your feelings, and your desires but we can help, we can help and make this place the type of place that will ensure our childrens children will have a chance to do something truly amazing, like come visit us, you have a genre of fiction that you call science fiction, I know that to be descriptions of what is supposed to be.

    The imagination that you see when you dream at night, but that you do not see with your eyes, that is the place where all of this comes from and that place was disrupted so entirely by World War Two, the tragedy of that catastrophe still rings in your eyes, and we are sorry, that you were raised by the survivors of the holocaust because the holocaust didnt just happen in Germany, earth was the Holocaust for roughly 20 years, all of it was a holocaust, not just what happened in Germany. The United States gave Japan a Holocaust, Japan gave the United States a Holocaust, Germany gave Russia a Holocaust, Europe gave Europe a holocaust. Earth gave earth a Holocaust and we are still experiencing that same Holocaust today, it doesnt have to be that way, you know, we dont have to destroy ourselves, if you care. We just dont have to do it that way, if you are listening, it can be different, if you can read.

    Global Heating …

    Nuclear Explosions, these explosions are hotter than the center of the sun when they explode, that is quite hot and could even be considered hot enough to warm the atmosphere up.

    Nuclear Explosions under water, at millions upon millions of degress would be enough to warm up a lot of water since the water is usually 300K and a nuclear explosion is usually around 11,000,000K, the dissipation rate of those excited molecules, well, that would stretch out quite far and affect quite a lot.

    The thermal heating of the water from nuclear explosions also creates a situation where the hottest water rises to the top which coincidentally is also where all of the ice is, which would be a terrific reason for all of said ice to melt. From the hot stuff.

    Airplanes , there are several hundred thousand flights a day each propelled by anywhere from 2 to 6 very powerful, very hot, jet engines, every single day, these airplanes are like flying furnaces heating up the air all around them. This would be a great cause for global heating.

    Cars, lots of them, each has an engine that gets ridiculously hot and there are millions upon millions of these vehicles everywhere, little hot furnaces on wheels heating up the atmosphere everywhere they go.

    Cigarettes, heat the air.
    Furnaces, heat the air.
    Microwaves, are hot.
    Stove Tops, are hot.
    Matches, are hot.
    Forest fires, are hot.
    The list goes on … it just does.

  8. How does the following question make you feel?

    Would you consider Ronald McDonald, Wendy, Colonel Sanders, and the Burger King as poachers?

    I would be interested to know.

  9. I wouldn’t use the word poaching, because to me, overbreeding domesticated animals in captivity for the sole purpose of processing them into meat is not poaching, but something far, far creepier — more like Soylent Green. I am a complete hypocrite, of course, because I continue to eat meat, but I do think the meat industry holds much of the responsibility for messing up the climate. Also, I’m tired of the word climate. It’s weak, flimsy. We need a new word, like “Rad-o-sphere.” Then people would take it seriously.

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