Kucinich wins New Hampshire Debate, according to Dartmouth Review

I’m going to violate the sacred contract of the secret vote and tell you all right now: I’m voting Kucinich. He’s smart, he’s got crazy idealistic plans for the country that I think could actually work, and though he admits to having some form of spiritual beliefs, he’s not some rubbing-it-in-your-face, evangelical wingnut like, say, the current top three Democratic candidates. He’s the only one of the candidates that I feel like I could actually have a conversation with without wanting to slap him around, except maybe Mike Gravel…he’s pretty cool.

And I still think there’s time for Kucinich to gain the kind of popularity he needs to really get the attention of the young people. Because once people know what he’s all about, they love him; he just doesn’t get any airtime due to the whole vomit-inducing love affair the media is having with Clinton and Obama.

Anyway, things may be turning around already. Take a look at the Dartmouth Review’s most excellent article, published yesterday, “Dem Debate Winner: Kucinich!”.

Oh, and by the way…

“Before the next commercial break, the NECN correspondent asked each of the candidates if they would be comfortable with a story about a prince marrying another prince read to their children in the second grade.”

I hate that this makes people so uncomfortable! Kids don’t need to know what the prince and the princess do on their wedding night to understand the story, so why is it suddenly an issue if it’s two men? I heard the same thing recently when there was a fetish/S&M-themed street fair in the West Village…the West Village! That’s the home of leather! And people got all butt-hurt because, in their words, what were they going to tell their children? I’d say that begs the question, what makes people think they are obligated to explain alternative sexuality to children before they explain regular sexuality (which they probably never will anyway, and they won’t let their schools do it either, so that their kids are sure to get plenty of STD’s once they hit college)?

Anyway, that’s my two cents.

Go Kucinich!

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