Feist / Kevin Drew and BSS / Grizzly Bear

The sun hung non-menacingly in the sky as a cool breeze delighted those who had arrived early at the McCarren Park Pool for this awesome three band lineup. Not a frown or cynical scowl was to be found as the achingly perfect weather welcomed in a throng of thousands for one of the last summer shows a this fine venue. Grizzly Bear started extremely early, I suppose in order to allow for all three bands to have their go before curfew hour, and the swarm around the stage at that time was loose and casual. The open pool setting allowed for their strong vocal capabilities to project and really tickle the ear as each band member sung his soul out. People weren’t really riled up yet for the rockin’ concert fun that would soon occur, but the small crowd that was there gave this excellent band the respect they deserve. These dude had already played some pretty high-profile gigs this summer, but the Williamsburg setting of this particular one set them in their very own ‘hood and I think the enthusiasm was evident. Also it must be sweet to hang out with Feist.

Next Kevin Drew emerged in a bright blue summer tank top along with a somewhat confusing sampling of members from Broken Social Scene. This event was billed as “Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew’s Spirit If…” and while I thought this listing made it pretty clear what we could all expect, lots of fools really thought they were going to be enjoying some BSS classics, which was certainly not the case. What we did have was members of the current touring lineup backing Drew on songs from his soon to be released “solo” project Spirit If…These often racy numbers were noisy and upbeat, and definitely reminiscent of favorites from his beloved other band. The bunch were in good spirits despite desperate requests called out from the crowd, and the fact that they were still learning to play some of the songs. This show was something like their second time playing these new tunes, and at one point Kevin forgot the lyrics entirely and had to goofily read off his notes. Weren’t no matter though, as the set rocked, and even Feist herself snuck out for some sexy tambourine playing on their last number. She and Kevin are like, dating or something.

Which leads us to the amazement and joy that come from seeing Feist play a live solo show. Some of her recent performances I’ve seen on today’s modern Internet were lively and entertaining, although not necessarily the strongest bits I’ve heard vocally. But boy were my worries put to shame, and almost instantly at that. Feist proved to be one of the most all around delightful performers I ever did see. Her mind-melting voice rung mightily through the night, and touched her familiar songs with impressive inflections that gave extra meat to her already stunning pieces. And all throughout the set that covered almost all of her recent smash The Reminder, she entertained even further with witty anecdotes and tales of her far-reaching musical career. So now I’m floored not only by her music, but by her seemingly awesome personality. Much fun was had when she pulled out a shiny new guitar and announced that she would like the crowed to suggest names by flying paper airplanes up to her on stage. Sure, this resulted in wayward balls of paper being hurtled all over the damn place for the rest of the set, but still it was a pretty rad idea. I’m not sure what she ended up choosing, or if perhaps she took all the suggestions home with her to brood over, but I’m hoping to learn soon if my idea, McSweetums, will be honored. In the end, I’d say Feist was captivating in all aspects, but I think it was put best by a possibly drunken audience member who I saw stare thoughtfully at the stage for a moment between songs and then announce to her friends “She’s a good singer.” Duh.


When I Was A Young Girl
So Sorry
My Moon My ManThe Park
Limit To Your Love
I Feel It All
In My Hands
Leisure Suite
Brandy Alexander
Past In Present
The Water

Sea Lion Woman
Let It Die





Limerick #69

Awoken from my nightly doze,
With a mighty strong hunger I rose.
“What’s for breakfast?” I thought,
“What foodstuffs have I got?”
Here’s the answer: “Just follow your nose!”

Owen Wilson gets a pep talk from Samuel L. Jackson

So by now I’m sure everyone has heard about Owen Wilson‘s attempted suicide.  Very sad indeed.  But what surprised me was the fact that one of his hospital visits shortly thereafter was from, that’s right, Samuel L. Jackson.

But it seems perfect!  If I’d just been on the brink of suicide, he’s who I’d want to remind me of the value of life.  I’ll bet he could talk anyone down from suicide!  Just a few choice vulgarities, delivered with that steely gaze of his, and even the most self-absorbed depressive would be gainfully employed and scoring with the ladies in a matter of weeks.  “Quit trying to kill yourself, motherfucker!”  That would be enough.

Limerick #63

If you wish to engage in hoodwinks,
So you buy your friend some boozeless drinks,
You’ll think yourself funny,
Though you’ve wasted money,
And you are quite the jerkface, methinks.

Dedicated lovingly to our pal Leo