An idea to curb drunk driving

Drunk driving is an obvious problem in this country, but so far no perfect solution has presented itself. Of course you can always call a cab, but a lot of people refrain from doing so because they want to get back to their regular life as soon as possible after a night of drinking, and who wants to take another cab to go pick up their car at the bar/party the next morning?

So as a solution, I suggest a system of designated drivers for hire. I’ve heard about a similar system in South Korea, but so far I have yet to see such a service advertised in the states. Basically, you could call a driver, they’d be dropped off at your car, and they’d drive you home in your own car. The car that dropped off the designated-driver-for-hire would follow close behind and pick up the driver at the destination. That way, while nursing your hangover the next morning, you wouldn’t have to worry about where your car is. Perfect for those who like to get sloshed on nights before they have to go to work!

The first potential problem that I can think of is the auto insurance situation. The rent-a-driver companies would have to get special permits or something, a la car rental companies and U-Haul and so forth. It might be complicated, but I don’t see why it can’t be done.

What do you think? Is this a viable business in the making?

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