Visiting New York City

Millions of tourists flock to New York City every year, and it’s not hard to see why!  With all the (adjective) sights to see and over (number) restaurants, the hard part is choosing what to see and do first.  Plan ahead with the help of a guidebook from your local (noun) store, or by doing some research on the world wide (noun).  If you plan on travelling by subway, don’t forget to grab a free map from the (adjective) attendant in the (noun) booth. 

Most people try to fit a visit to a museum into their itinerary.  The Museum of Modern (noun) is a good place to start, as it features priceless relics of the ancient world, including a rare 800 year old (noun) and a collection of 18th-Century (noun)-studded (plural noun). 

Once dinnertime rolls around, head down to Little (country) for the best (adjective) (type of food) in town, or go to Chinatown for some authentic fried (animal), served the old-fashioned way, with the (body part) still on.  Save some room for dessert at “(man’s name) & Son,” an ice cream parlor that opened in (year).  It’s the perfect end to a (adjective) New York day!