Fashion Week Highlights

Spring is in the air, and last week, so was fashion!  Reporters, models and (plural noun) flocked from around the globe to beautiful (city) to participate in what many consider to be the most important fashion event of the year.  Celebrities like (celebrity) and (celebrity) hobnobbed with models and designers while sipping (liquid) and nibbling on (plural noun), all the while doing copious amounts of cocaine.  Tongues were wagging when (name of friend/person in room) was seen canoodling with (name of musician). 

But the real action was on the runway, where the top designers all made strong showings this year.  Emerging designer (name of other friend/person in room) wowed the critics, combining traditional (adjective) elements with bold splashes of (noun).  (name of fashion designer) stuck to the basics, focusing on simple (plural noun) made to draw attention to the (part of body).  Couture has never looked so good!