Liz and Laura: Revolutionaries

I realized today that I haven’t written one word about the war in Iraq, not counting emails and such, since it began. The reason I have abstained, I suppose, is that SO many other people have been talking about it already the whole time, so why should I? But I want to say at least something about what will probably turn out to be an important period in history, not to mention purge some of the thoughts that have been lodged in my brain for, what, five years now? Of course, the war has changed over time — now it’s more of a civil war with us making things worse every day just by being there. But we all knew it was bad news from the beginning, or at least some of us did.

It’s been making me and many others sick to our stomachs, this war, for so long. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the horrible things my taxes are paying for, and I want to move, to stop participating, but I don’t because I love New York and I believe this country can turn back into a good thing. But Iraq is fucked, and it’s that bastardly administration’s fault. The house and senate just voted to withdraw, a bunch of people are moving for impeachment of either just Bush or Bush and Cheney (I’d prefer the latter, as Nancy Pelosi would take over — score!), and Bush’s approval rating hovers near 30%. Still he keeps going. Why aren’t people, New Yorkers for instance, getting more pissed off? We’re known for not taking any bullshit from anyone, but here we are, taking every spoonful they’re dishing out! People are so complacent these days. They don’t participate in rebellion anymore, especially the young people, my generation and younger. Everyone seems so pussy-ish about taking a stand. I suppose they’re conditioned to self-interest, as Op Ivy would say. Part of that, of course, has to be due to the way the media, especially the newspapers and TV news, make the whole thing seem like it’s not a big deal at all. Noam Chomsky really knew what he was talking about in Manufacturing Consent.

I just keep thinking that Bush can’t do this, but he keeps doing it. He’s become little more than a tyrant at this point, and it’s terrifying. Civil liberties are being stripped away one by one, the middle class is evaporating, it’s damn near impossible to be an artist anymore, and again, people sit back and take it, watching their world turn into shit, self-centered until the end.

So what will happen? Personally, I’m hoping for a revolution, another hippie movement to shake things up, get people dropping out of college and quitting their jobs and engaging in good old-fashioned civil disobedience. The problem is, we need another Che, a leader to mobilize the people, make them see what an emergency this is. Perhaps two leaders…

Liz-and-Laura-Che taller

2 thoughts on “Liz and Laura: Revolutionaries

  1. The person that was going to be Che, is probably somewhere boosting his Paladin to Level 64 on World of WarCraft somewhere.

    Video Games destroyed anything that was good about America and it happened quite fast.

    If I was Che, all I would want to do is get people to pour water on their computers, I think that would go a long way towards solving a lot of these problems were facing today.

    Vote for Ron Paul …

    He doenst just kiss the babies, he delivers them.

  2. I am a Kucinich woman myself, but Ron Paul has a lot going for him too. I agree about the computers, though you have to admit that the internet has done a lot of good, including give lowly writers like me and Liz a free printing press, so to speak. Well, almost free.

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