For Liz and I, coming from a place like Tucson where there were really only three or four bars that everyone went to, New York seemed like a whiskey-soaked dream when we first arrived on the scene.  Granted, I had been at NYU for years by the time Liz showed up, but clearly I was under the legal age for alcohol consumption at the time, so why would I have attended any bars or pubs?  Silly reader.

Anyway, Liz and I have been drinking our way through the city ever since, bar by bar, cheap beer by cheap beer.  And we are making some progress, though our lack of exorbitant wealth slows us down considerably.  One of our favorite places to get sloshed these days is Park Slope, the haven for hipsters/yuppies who’ve reached the age of spawning, hence the neighborhood’s alternate title, the Stroller Derby.  Yes, these parents are obnoxious, but at least they have cute dogs, and they spend money at the trendy restaurants, which ensures that they stay open.  Plus, the yuppies go to bed early, leaving the bars relatively uncrowded even on the weekends.  There are lots of nice bars in the neighborhood, but one that we seem to keep coming back to is Commonwealth. It’s a nice place to go have a nice glass of wine or a fancy cocktail, which is especially nice after a few too many nights out in Williamsburg leave you burnt out on PBR.  Plus, there’s a patio outside and a pleasant, chic vibe inside.  A board of “Brutally Honest Personal Ads” makes for good reading material and offers bar patrons a chance to express their longings for love, sex, or weird mindgames.  It isn’t clear whether anyone actually meets through the board, but it’s interesting enough as an artistic exercise.  Another pro is the jukebox, which is loaded with mix-CD’s featuring all the pretentious/sensitive music you’d expect, but with crowd-pleasing favorites liberally sprinkled throughout.  In fact, aside from the bathrooms, which are littered with smart-allecky graffiti, this bar stays away from most of the pretentious hipster shit that bars like to indulge in.  The bartenders are nice and approachable, and even the clientele is older and a little more interesting.  You’re likely to get into an unexpected conversation while you’re here, and that’s always a pleasant surprise.   Oh, I almost forgot.  There’s a patio, and it has an enormous umbrella shading it.  I mean, it’s simply huge.  Now that I don’t smoke, patios aren’t as awesome as they used to be, but they are always a sure bet for a nice summer evening.

In conclusion, I predict we will be getting properly tight there quite a bit from now on, and I encourage you to do the same.  Cheers!

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