Restaurant Review: Café Sutra

One of my favorite new places to get coffee is Café Sutra, and not just because it’s close to home. Okay, it’s mostly because of that. But it’s still a pretty sweet place. The decorations and drink names revolve around Hinduism, and though the place is freakishly narrow, the decorations make the most out of the space and create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere. The coffee and tea drinks range from basic to decadent (I never thought I’d consider a tea drink to be decadent, but they figured out a way). Baked goods and prepackaged sandwiches round out the selection, and the pastries look mighty tasty, though I haven’t tried any yet. Everything I’ve had there has been top notch, and the service is always friendly without the snobbery some Park Slope baristas are known for. One thing I really liked was that they have a very nice selection of celebrity magazines, in addition to the usual newspapers and board games. Finally somebody realized that nothing goes better with a fine cappuccino than an in-depth examination of Britney Spears’ floppy bologna curtains. The patio was closed the times I’ve patronized the café, but I look forward to its opening eagerly, as patios rule. Café Sutra also hosts a trivia night on Thursdays, for those with a knack for regurgitating useless information. I am one of those people, so I may or may not be attending this trivia night sometime soon. However, I am also lazy. Anyway, the coffee is tasty, and you should go there.

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